Pandora Soapy Massage Parlor

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Pandora (แพนโดร่าอางอบนวดเชียงใหม่) is one of Chiang Mai's reknown soapy massage parlours offering full sexual services.
Compared to its rival Sayuri, Pandora is less popular and probably overall a bit more expensive. The venue is the traditional fishbowl / aquarium style with different categories of girls on offer behind a window with a number.

The word Pandora derives from Greek mythology, she was the first human woman created by the gods and she released all the evils of humanity by opening a box (Pandora's box) so not a bad name for a place that unlocks a man's deepest desires.

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Pandora Soapy Massage Parlor photos

Pandora Soapy Massage Parlor
Pandora Soapy Massage Parlor
Pandora Soapy Massage Parlor
Pandora Soapy Massage Parlor
Pandora Soapy Massage Parlor

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James Posted on January 21, 2017 at 02:00:54
This so called soapy massage parlour has turned into pure grot.

Haven`t been there for years and 4 weeks ago my friend and I decided to give it a try.

We visited during an early evening. Walked in, no other customers and the first thing that hit us was the rancid smell of mildew. The placed is run down and dank. We were greeted by 4 expressionless looking guys who looked more threatening than welcoming.

Asked how much and we were quoted 1900 each. 2 fat ugly girls were called out and then we thanked the guys, said we`d think about it and never been back.

It`s a complete dump.