Creating the best online dating profile

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Your exposure online starts with uploading the perfect online dating profile, it's like you post your business card and thousands of girls are going to glance over it so it better be damn good else they swap to the next one.

With your online dating profile, you don't intend to get attention from as many girls as possible, but you want to attract the right type of girl for you. There is no point in having girls with kids from someone else contact you for a relationship if you're not into that, so making clear that you want to start fresh with a girl will filter out some of the girls you don't want to spend time on.


  • what to put in your online dating profile and what not
  • what kind of pictures work and which not
  • effectiveness of your online dating profile


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pierre Posted on October 29, 2017 at 12:12:22
The pic with a kid sounds brilliant so I went on my thaifriendly account and one of the rules is "No children allowed in any photos"