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Chatting with Thai girls online is potentially the most time-consuming activity of online dating together with no-shows and late show ups on a first date. That's why it's crucial that you take proper steps to avoid wasting time behind your screens and transform online dating interest from girls to actually meeting them in real in the most efficient way as possible.

Remember that during the online dating process, your one-and-only target is to source girls, prepare them for a meet up and then move away from digital contact to get real physical as fast as possible and with the least effort as possible. Online dating sites in Thailand are like pools full of fish, you put out your fishing-rods and nets but unless you've got nothing else to do, you don't want to become a lone hobbyist fisher staring over the horizon forever. When it's time you've got to consume your fish.

If you followed our guidelines so far on how to upload the perfect online profile and send out first messages most girls can't say no to, you'll be surprised how many girls actually contact you or respond to your messages. Now you have to be selective whom you spend time on.

Speeding up the online chat is all the more important because most Thai girls aren't in a hurry, worse: some girls are playing you for their own purposes, so you've got to be selective and speed up the online part lest you'll be played and you waste a lot of time and money on the girls.


  • how to select the girls
  • allocating your time in online chat
  • how to prepare girls from online chat to real meetings as quick as possible and at minimum effort


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