What Thai girls really mean to say in online dating

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Disclaimer: This section has been written for a male audience and to serve the needs of our male readers.
It contains information that some (female readers) might find disrespectful. It is by your own choice that you have arrived here.

What Thai girls post in their online dating profile or what they tell you in online chat is often not what it really means. This is because their perspective, culture and experience are different from yours.

Here are a few examples of what real meaning hides behind the words of many Thai girls in online dating, before you've met them.

Thai girls what they want

What Thai girls say in Online Dating What they really mean
Please don’t talk about sex Ever since I posted my profile here on this dating site, I’ve been bombarded by horny guys who want to take me out, bring me to their room or show me their dick.
I need someone to love me I want you to take care of me and my parents. I want you to pay all my bills.
I need somebody to take care of me and my parents

I’m too tired and lazy to work. I’d rather find someone who can pay all my expenses so I can be comfortable and play with my smartphone all day.

I want to marry I’m tired of searching for a good man. I’ll take any guy who ticks a few bullet points on my list as long as he pays my bills and he’s not a creep.
I want ... I need ... Basically, I'm a somewhat selfish and ego-centric person. I mainly think about what I want from a partner, not so much about what I can offer to him. When we have an issue, it doesn't trigger me to question my own part in it. When he gets bored of me, I don't realize that perhaps my body isn't enough and I haven't developed my mind.
Looking for true love I had some bad experiences with partners before, it didn’t work out partly due to my own imperfections. However, I didn’t manage to realise my own role in that process, so I blame it on him. I still hope and believe that somewhere out there there is a flawless guy ensuring a perfect relationship because I don’t want to see my own imperfections.
I love my family I will let you in if I deem you worthy enough, but I will always love my family first and after that my dog and whatever love is left is for you.
I have a child I was stupid enough to let an inconsiderate Thai guy screw me so I got pregnant and he quickly left me. My mother and me have been taking care of the baby but I feel tired of working so I’m looking for an idiot, this time a foreigner, to take care of me and someone else’s baby.
I like farang My previous boyfriends were all Thai and I got really disappointed with them because they drink, lie and cheat. Now my hopes are focused on what good a foreigner can bring to me. I fancy a moviestar type like I've seen in the movies, or at least I hope he doesn't cheat on me and will love me only.
I cannot speak English very well My English completely sucks and I’m using Google Translate while we’re chatting, that’s why you're getting such strange messages from me.
I majored in (Business) English I spent 4 years reading books, learning English grammar and listening mainly to Thai teachers, but I don’t actually know how to pronounce English and besides that I’m too shy to practice, so I can understand much of what you write and some of what you say as long as it’s basic English.
I want to improve my English language skills My English is poor and I seriously believe that I can improve it by having you wasting time on me chatting online for hours. If I feel safe enough with you, perhaps I’ll allow you to teach me in a coffeeshop.
These are my real pictures Out of 2000 pictures and selfies I selected the ones with a funny angle or with a biased reflection, so that I look cute or pretty but in reality I am much uglier than that.
I have never been outside of Thailand (or only been to Myanmar) I think Thailand is the best country of a world I actually know nothing about. I have a very introvert view of the world and in a way I’m scared of foreigners.
I miss you I have nothing to do right now so I need someone to chat with me
I never had a farang boyfriend before I had a few short encounters with foreigners, but I prefer not to tell you about it because I think that I will be more attractive to you when I'm a farang-virgin.
I'm shaved I'm definitely not a farang-virgin.
I’m a good girl I’m doing or pretending to do what my parents and teachers told me to: respecting older people, loving my parents, going to the temple, making merit and so on. I won’t go to your room on a first date and I’ll put up some fake resistance the first time when you’re trying to have sex with me.
I'm not a bargirl I don’t want anyone to look down on me.
I’m a naughty girl I'm a total slut and I’ve been with many foreigners before.
Are you talking to any other girls now? I'm chatting with another 10 other guys right now and I don't think it's hypocrite of me to demand from you that you're totally faithful to me while we never even met.
I’m not a ladyboy (on the better online dating sites) I have a slightly bony or square face that makes a lot of foreigners think I’m a guy, but I’m not.
I’m not a ladyboy (on polluted sites) I’m definitely a ladyboy but I only want you to find out while or after I'm giving you a blowjob.


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