How to pick up Thai girls anywhere

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Disclaimer: This section has been written for a male audience and to serve the needs of our male readers.
It contains information that some (female readers) might find disrespectful. It is by your own choice that you have arrived here.

When you’re sick and tired of chatting to Thai girls on your computer or smartphone, before you can eventually meet them and get laid, you should divert some of your energy from online dating to making contact with girls in real life, out there in the street or in a mall or wherever.

Referred to as 'playing your day game’ by some, as opposed to meeting girls in nightly venues, I’d rather call it Mastering your Pick Up Skills in general that you can apply anywhere at any time.

Your Mastery of Pick Up Skills is probably the most important skillset you will ever have to learn as a guy, more important than good looks, money or good skills in bed.
Good looks are not given to everyone and those blessed with it can only enjoy it for a limited period of time until it simply expires. Good looks are great, but we have all seen some gorgeous girls in the company of the most ugly men and wondered what the hell they have that we don’t have.
Now it could be money: (very) wealthy guys are often surrounded by beautiful women, but even money can wear out and the mixing of money and sex often creates a bad taste that can spoil the real exchange between men and women.
Money is more important in Asia than in the West as an asset for a man to play his role as a Provider, and certainly in Thailand it can be a major factor but you still need to attract women no matter how rich you are.
Finally, good skills in bed are great to keep a women interested in you, but first you've got to get her in bed.

So, more powerful and lasting than good looks, money or the lure of lust, it’s charm and personality that women fall for in the first place and you can capitalize on that best by Mastering your Pick Up Skills.

Here’s an example of good pick up skills applied in various ways by Simple Pickup, that shows you in a series of edutainment videos how any guy, no matter how ugly or rich, can pick up girls from anywhere.

While a great number of things can be learned from these videos, not all of it can simply be copy-pasted in Thailand, because Thai culture is so different and because Thai girls are generally more shy and less educated than Western girls. Imagine trying a very cheesy pick up line on a Thai girl, she would just frown and walk away.

Very embedded in a Thai context are the edutainment videos of SteveOCTV which are mainly shot in Bangkok. If you study them well, you will be able to remember some useful pick up lines, phrases and situations and you could probably safely and successfully apply them anywhere in Thailand, although girls in the countryside are generally more conservative and shy than girls in Bangkok so you’d have to adapt your version of it.
(As you can see, Thai girls even have trouble adding up one plus one, so don't try too cheesy pick up lines on Thai girls, but try to adapt them in a way they are digestable and romantic to them.)

Picking up Thai girls part I and II are most interesting, the other videos are more for fun (unless you’re into ladyboys and just making fun of people).


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