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SARIKA Massage Chiang Mai officially offers the usual Thai, oil and foot massage but every passersby can easily see from the bright colors and the many girls sitting outside on the sofas that this place is a happy ending massage parlor. What not everybody knows is that it also provides full service options. The shop is conveniently located in Nimman area on a main road.

สาริกา นวดเพื่อสุขภาพ มาสสาจ เชียงใหม่ (มาสซาสแอนด์สปา / นวด นาบ นวดกระปู๋ อาบอบนวดเชียงใหม่)

Sarika Massage Salon is a somewhat strange business operating very publicly in one of Nimman's most popular soi's. Normally, this type of business hides away from the busy areas but Sarika doesn't, it's in plain sight in front of a hotel even.
There are 2 shop sections that both belong to Sarika: the left and the right, and there are girls sitting in front of each section. The left section has somewhat older ladies alledgedly with better skills, but in fact the skills level is still rather poor. The rooms are nicer on the left, though.
The right section has younger and cuter girls basically without any skills, so you don't even get anything that looks like a massage.

IMHO, it's only worth worth to go to Sarika Massage if you want full service (sex). If you want a combination of a proper massage with a happy ending, you're much better off going one street around the block at Senz~ Diva Massage or walk 5-10 min the other way to All about Touch Massage. I've been to Sarika now a few times to try out, and every time I walk out of there I don't really feel good, because I'm reminded of what a good sensual happy ending massage could be like and it's not here. In Sarika Massage, you only get a HJ, but not the massage, and not the sensuality. So it feels rather empty when you walk out.

What's typical about this shop is the huge turnover: there are changing faces almost every week. This is partly because the place is run by a Thai lady from the mountains, who is able to recruit fresh girls regularly, and because the place is hardly managed so after a few days or weeks girls realize they don't get enough customers and move on to more direct 'entertainment services' which are also provided by Sarika (going to private parties, drinking and sleeping with customers).

From that angle, if you're into plain sex with different girls all the time, Sarika supplies that.

Sarika Massage Chiang Mai

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Sarika Massage
Sarika Massage
Sarika Massage
Sarika Massage

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Roco Posted on January 05, 2024 at 15:08:01
Admin: I wrote "Sakira" instead of "Sarika" in my review below, like 3 times lol. Please feel free to fix it if necessary :)
Roco Posted on January 05, 2024 at 15:04:44
I hope that the reviewer below can give us some more information, such as what service he went for.

My experience here: I was walking down the streets with no intention of getting a massage, and I saw a really attractive girl ordering takeaway food. I loved the way she was dressed and her beautiful, long legs.

After a few seconds of thinking about whether I should go flirt with her, I realized that I was close to Sarika, and so there was a chance that she was not a standard "civilian", so I hung around for a couple of minutes to see if she'd get into the shop. She did, and so I entered right after her.

I chose the oil massage with her (500b), but, unfortunately, her massage skills did not match her looks. There were some moments of sensuality, but they were far and between. To be a bit more blunt, I'd say that she had no idea what she was doing, although she was sweet and overall seemed to enjoy being with me.

She didn't offer happy ending, and I didn't ask for it either since the mood wasn't really there, so at least I saved myself the tip.

She did, however, let me touch her all along, kiss her legs, breasts, etc.

At the end of the massage, she admitted that she doesn't like giving massages ("and water is wet," I thought). She said she prefers to provide full-service (sex for 1,500 baht), and told me to book her for sex next time.

But I'm not so sure about it, since I'm more of an erotic massage guy when it comes to sex workers.

So, I agree with the article. The place seems to be for full service and not for erotic massages.

The girl I chose has been in Sarika for a while (she told me and I also confirmed it after a little visit to Sarika's Facebook page), and it was clear that she has never received any erotic massage training whatsoever, unlike some of the other places (Daisuki, Dream Massage, etc.), where although some girls are better than others and each of them has their own unique style, they all have a minimum skill level, and they all know how to manage their time effectively in order to target different erogenous zones and set the mood that makes that final HJ or blowjob impossible to say no to (although you can still get unlucky, but it's rare).

In conclusion, she was a really attractive and sweet girl, but she had no training and no erotic massage skills, and was clearly a full-service provider. I really liked the girl though, so I don't discard giving her another chance in the future.
Anonymous Posted on March 11, 2023 at 15:58:19
I went Sarika today, and it wasn't half as bad as this article makes it out to be.