Clubs and nightlife in Chiang Mai

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Disclaimer: This section has been written for a male audience and to serve the needs of our male readers.
It contains information that some (female readers) might find disrespectful. It is by your own choice that you have arrived here.

If you just want to hang out, have a drink and be lucky to meet a girl, there are plenty of places you can go varying from simple Thai-style restaurants with beer girls or PG's (Pretty Girls) to classier clubs where the high-so of Chiang Mai hangout. Chances to make contact with new people depend on the crowd, the atmosphere, and the layout of the place.

The problem about most Thai style places including clubs is that most space is filled with tables where groups of Thai sit without an easy way to interact with people that you don't yet know. Most Thai are 'group animals' so they stick around in their own group and don't break loose. There are few real dance places in Chiang Mai where you can walk around and make contact.
The best way to go to a club or Thai place is when you are introduced by Thai friends, this way you can meet people more easily. Alternatively, go with one or two wingmen.

Zoe in Yellow is a good place to swing. Many freelancing girls though.

Here are some of the best places:

Zoe in Yellow

Zoe in Yellow, also known as the Yellow Bar, is probably the easiest pick up place in Chiang Mai. This place gets packed nearly every night but weekends are best. 'Normal' Thai girls that come here are for sure into farang guys, that's why they come here. Even with modest pick up skills, you should be able to pick up a Thai girl, if not a farang one. The farang girls are in holiday mood and far away from restrictions, work or boyfriend, the Thai girls are into foreigners.
The atmosphere is a bit 'low-class' nowadays, with average music and a lot of prostitutes around. The Thai girls who come here are certainly not high-so, but often girls who in the daytime work as a massage therapist or cook or whatever, and are looking for a foreign boyfriend. Nowadays, probably over 50% of the local girls here are semi-prostitutes. There are many tuc tucs waiting outside to take customers with the girls to the hotel, typical formula. Besides prostitute girls, also some ladyboys try their luck. These girls used to hang out around Thapae gate at night and have now found a good fishing pool in Zoe.
Many first time foreigners don't notice this and are just having a good time swinging on the music.
There are different parts of the Zoe or Yellow empire: an indoor disco, an open restaurant with a large garden area, a grill, and another restaurant around the corner. Because there is a large open area to dance and walk around, it's much easier to meet new people.

Warm Up

Probably the most famous club in Chiang Mai, gets packed in the weekend with all kinds of young people including students and some local high-so. Some find this the best club in Chiang Mai, others say it's not easy to meet new people because most space is standard Thai style with lots of tables. There is a dance zone in the back, though, that gets really packed.

Monkey Club

Another very famous club / restaurant in Chiang Mai in Nimmanhaemin area. Some say there are a lot of ladyboys or gay there as well, but the high-so and classy hang out there too.

Spicy (Spice)

Infamous for being the bluntest pick-up place in Chiang Mai, this place is open until very late and it's really a meat-picking place. Not many people really like the atmosphere, some local girls go there because it's open until late, but if some places in Nimman are high-so, then this is low-so.
If you can't pick up here, you can't pick up.


Located in a wing of the President Hotel, Fabrique is a place to see and be seen for the local young Thai. You need better pick up skills to get a Thai girl here. Most Thai come in groups and you got to break into that or spot the girls that come with just one or two other girlfriends.


Another popular place, open until late.

Tawan Daeng

Even if you never pick up a girl here, Tawan Daeng is worth the visit at least once as a Thai local experience. Located in a monstrous big building full of tables in front of a stage, where Thai folk songs are sung, with Marxist style pictures on the wall, this is local Thai entertainment in a true sense.


Just another club,the girls that come with just one or two other girlfriends.

Bubbles and Hotshots

Located in separate wings of the same hotel near the Night Bazar, Bubbles and Hotshots are attracting quite a different crowd than the Nimman high-so. Hotshots seems to have closed for a while, not sure when it's open again, but the girls that come here with just one or two other girlfriends are certainly approachable. Bubbles attracts some tourists too.

A fun thing to do is the Chiang Mai Pubcrawl which usually starts from the After Bar.
If you're more more fluent in Thai, master better pick up skills or just want to go more local, there's a bunch of other places that may be more interesting than the obvious places.

Private parties & pool parties

Some of the most relaxed and coolest way to meet new people and girls in general are private parties and pool parties. One of the best ones is the monthly Meridien Pool Party which not only has a good atmosphere but also attracts mostly pretty cool people and fewer 'working girls' on the premises (like Zoe often does). This is probably because it's less well-known, because there is an entrance fee, because it's only once a month in the hotter periods of the year and because totally out-of-shape people are not so fond of showing off their body.
A great event to have a chat and meet some nice farang and Thai girls. Usually happening on the 3rd Saturday of the month (in the hotter months) from 14:00-22:00 hrs.
Other pool parties, such as Deejai Pool Party have more backpacker atmosphere and aren't as classy as at the Meridien. The pool party at the Royal Guesthouse is probably something in between.
One of the coolest places to hang out and chat up girls in Chiang Mai
The monthly Pool party at the Meridien is one of the coolest places to hang out and meet girls
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