Ranking of best happy ending and body to body massage parlours in Chiang Mai

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Disclaimer: This section has been written for a male audience and to serve the needs of our male readers.
It contains information that some (female readers) might find disrespectful. It is by your own choice that you have arrived here.

Review of sex massage parlours in Chiang Mai

Certainly, how good your massage experience is depends first and foremost on the girl who does a job on you. If she doesn't feel like getting tired, chances are that you'll have a lame massage, while to the contrary, when she's pretty and there is a connection, sometimes you can have a surprising experience even though the place looks so so. But on average, the system of management and training in a business does matter a lot and will affect your massage experience. An average girl can grow to become a great staff under the right guidance and management, while a super talent could fade away in a lousy shop that simply doesn't care.

One important difference between businesses in Chiang Mai is about how well they cater to the needs of foreigners, or what is their main market.

Differences between Thai-style and farang-oriented massage parlours

With some 35-30 massage parlours in Chiang Mai specialized in giving you a happy ending or a body-to-body massage, there are differences in the way they operate and the biggest difference is in their way of management and what market they target at.

Thai-style parlours usually have poorer management, are less innovative, and care less about detail and service-mind. The reason why they can exist is because Thai customers also care less and just want to choose a pretty girl and have their way towards sex. Thai customers' concept of beauty is biased towards white skin and big boobs, Thai men don't like a massage where the girl touches the anus and don't mind a hairy vagina. Thai customers can be very demanding towards the girls.

If you go here, expect a laissez-faire (maipenrai) management style, expect the girl to be less-trained, be prepared that she will round up the time after "the job has been done" (handjob, sex), or just know that some girls are more into the special or sex instead of the massage. If the treatment was not satisfactory and you wish to complain, the receptionist will probably not understand what all the fuzz is about and chances are slim that your feedback will ever reaches management. Typically, the owner or manager isn't even in the shop and the receptionist has to do all.
So, just accept it as it is, and move on to other business more suitable to your appetite.

Better managed, often foreigner-oriented businesses have some kind of management and training system. The level of organisation differs and the proof is in the pudding: you will notice from some details where it goes wrong.

With foreigner-oriented businesses I don't mean the obvious ones along Loikroh road or in the tourist areas, they are not included in this ranking. Typically, they are Thai-owned and managed businesses but the girls are just too used to foreigners, speak a decent amount of English and have their way of asking for a higher tip for a hanky panky.
The foreigner-oriented businesses in this ranking are the ones more outside the tourist areas which nevertheless have adapted to the needs of foreigners and changed their management style.

Even the atmosphere amongst the staff can become very different due to the focus on a certain type of customers. With the right guidance, the girls can really appreciate foreigners as compared to Thai, and make an effort to make you happy. They will understand better how you feel, what you want, how you want to be pleased.

Ranking of best erotic massage places in Chiang Mai


Ranking Massage parlour Pros and cons
★★★★★★ Daisuki by Lolita With distance the best. Good selection of girls. Excellent service attitude. Girls have some level of training, both in general and in sensual massage skills (but don't expect a thorough massage by all girls). Good management with pro-active review system. Fair pricing and innovative menu.
★★★★ Anime Kawaii Shop Good selection of girls, but no training whatsoever. Basic rooms and facilities. Go here just because you want to choose from a large selection of girls.
★★★★ Aunyong Cute little shop, not so many staff. Good service attititude and some staff have good massage skills.
★★★ Peang Jai Thai-style shop. Fair amount of girls. No training. Nice new facilities. Fair pricing. Not much English.
★★★ Lily Massage Thai-style local shop. Modest amount of girls, varies. No training. Some girls are in for more than HJ. Basic facilities.
★★ Jet Yord Massage Thai-style shop. Poor management, no training but sometimes you can be lucky with a girl with certificate. Generally older girls. Nice house with rooms.
★★ Iris Massage No management whatsoever, there is never a manager or owner on the premises. Customer complaints aren't taken seriously. Modest amount of girls, sometimes cute or pretty. All girls are in for more than HJ. Go here if you want to negotiate to have sex.
★★ Sanejun Massage A branch of Jet Yord Massage, this local business is not very well managed. Girls cute to a bit older, but some cheap offers when it comes to full service.




Ranking Massage parlour Pros and cons
★★★★★ Darin Club Great selection of girls. Fair pricing for full-service. Sensual massage skills. Friendly and no-nonsense approach and friendly reception.
★★★★ Sean Suk Massage Some girls have great training, but unfortunately not all girls accept foreigners. A big pro is that some girls are in for bare blowjobs if your thing looks clean. Nice facilities and no surprise shock amount for sex, because you can choose full service from the menu.
★★★★ Absolute Paradise Spa Good selection of pretty girls. The main pro is that all girls are trained in sensual skills by veteran staff. The fun starts already in the bathroom. Main cons are that full service is rather expensive (most girls ask for 2,000-3,000 baht more) and that the facilities are so absolutely basic.
★★★★ Dolphin Spa Fair selection of girls. Some training. Unique about this shop is that the girls are in for unusual fancy stuff: threesome, couple's play, etc.
★★★★ 888 Spa Modest selection of girls. Good service mind and sensual skills.
★★★ Okane Fair selection of girls. Innovative menu packages. But some lack of training. Fair pricing.
★★★ Raspberry Spa Good selection of girls. Varying quality level of service.
★★★ Private Spa Good selection of girls. Varying quality level of service.
★★★ Mermaid Good selection of girls. Varying quality level of service.
★★★ Best relax Good selection of girls. Varying quality level of service. Not too expensive.
★★★ Sood Jai Fair selection of girls. Varying quality level of service.
★★ Mind Mint Spa Average selection of girls. Varying quality level of service. There is no real body to body massage and the staff don't even know what is nuru gel. Go here if you just want to have the full service.
★★ Aurora Nice selection of girls, but low quality of training. More expensive prices and quite a mark up for full service.
★★ Phoenix Club Good selection of girls. Varying quality level of service.
★★ Healthy Spa Good selection of girls. Average training.
★★ Grace Club Good selection of girls. Poor training.
★★ Mossa Hue Good selection of girls. Some training. Not so cheap.
Fang VIP Fair selection of girls. Poor training and customer service. Good for cheap B2B and full service.
Miss Spa Good selection of girls. Poor training. New facilities.
Harem Fair selection of girls. Poor training.

By Matthew, 2019

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