Love Hotels in Chiang Mai

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Disclaimer: This section has been written for a male audience and to serve the needs of our male readers.
It contains information that some (female readers) might find disrespectful. It is by your own choice that you have arrived here.

Love Hotels are a common phenomenon all over Asia that you can find in most places, sometimes under different names and different local formulas. In Japan, love hotels are an alternative to staying in a normal hotel, simply because it's cheaper and convenient. Staying in a love hotel in Japan is hardly stigmatized as a loathful act, and as a visitor to Japan you should consider it just as a cultural experience.
In Hong Kong, love hotels are usually called hourly hotels used for a more narrow purpose.
In Thailand, love hotels are called curtain hotels (ม่านรูด, maang rut) in Thai language which means 'draw (down) the curtain', because it's basically a drive-in where you park your car in front of a room and the staff comes to close the curtain behind you to protect your privacy.
'Maang rut' play a role in many soaps so truly they are an essential part of everyday life in Thailand.

A love hotel is where Thai sugar daddies take their student sideline girls and where customers take their karaoke girls. To a much lesser extent, it's where lovers meet when they can't make out at home because they live with their parents. So love hotels are very much part of the paid sex scene in Thailand.

As a first time visitor to Chiang Mai you won't easily notice the presence of love hotels, but there are quite a lot of them. The city of Chiang Mai itself probably counts some 20 love hotels, but there are more in Chiang Mai's agglomeration and the truth is that even the smallest village in the country-side has one. In other words, it's an essential part of the Thai way of life, even though a lot of Thai won't like to confess that. It's fair to say that if you understand the background story about love hotels, you understand a whole lot more about Thai culture.

With an estimated 20-30 love hotels in and around Chiang Mai and none going out of business, you can be sure that something is really going on. (In fact, the unregistered sex industry in Thailand could be a significant part of the explanation of why some Thai people have much more to spend that official GDP per capita figures may suggest.)


Paying a visit to a love hotel in Thailand (and using it), is worthwhile if only as a cultural experience, because there are some interesting ones to visit in Chiang Mai. Some have 'themes', like a boat, or a country, others have waterfalls running into a jacuzzi which can augment your appetite when you're with a girl.

If you're not comfortable to take a girl home to your place, the love hotel is the way out, but most normal girls don't like to be seen there. If you propose to go to a love hotel with a normal girl, she won't easily consent, and it may lower her esteem of you, even though some guys like to do it this way. If you're staying in a girl-friendly hotel as a tourist, of course that works fine, however, some short-term girls prefer to stay close to their business, so they may propose either a nearby love hotel or a guesthouse on town where they have made arrangements.

Another reason to go to a love hotel is that you can sometimes get some new working girls through the staff of the love hotel, but not all love hotels cater for that and of course it requires some smooth Thai talking. If you don't know enough, they simply call the nearest brothel to send over some girls and get some commission over it, so that doesn't add any value if you know the brothel already. However, some love hotels have private arrangements with sideline girls, so this way it can be a source for new girls. Hanging out near the love hotel is usually not appreciated by the staff, but some guys claim to pick up working girls that way.

If you are meeting up with a sideline girl the first time, it's useful to know where the love hotels are because often the girls propose to meet at a love hotel near where they live or where they feel comfortable.

You can find love hotels of all kinds in Chiang Mai, varying from the very old and dirty to the very luxury, super clean and glossy.

Standard drive-in layout of the Cupid Resort Love Hotel

Themes are popular for love hotels. This building and the rooms have the theme (and name) Love Boat

Typical rates for love hotels in Chiang Mai are:
- 100-160 baht for the first hour;
- a bit cheaper for the second;
- 300-500 baht for staying overnight.

Price table of love hotel
Typical price table of a love hotel in Chiang Mai (Ratree). Most love hotels also have theme rooms.

There is of course no point in staying overnight in a love hotel without a girl, because normally there are no windows and there are much better places at the same rate.

Most love hotels have a large bed, often with mirrors everywhere, even on the ceiling, a tv playing porn movies, and sometimes a (see through) bathroom. Some offer special equipment, such as old dentist chairs to ease difficult operations and others even offer a jacuzzi.

A good online example of a hotel that previously served as a love hotel but that was transformed to a normal hotel is the Adventure Hotel. All rooms are uniquely designed according to different themes, ranging from a Moroccon-style room to a caveman room, a mirror room and much more. Wouldn't be comfortable to stay there though, because there are no proper windows.

Some favourite proper love hotels for guys who know to pick up girls are:
- Bises Resort: some luxury rooms with jacuzzi
- Highway Modern Resort: not so modern, but offering interesting old dentist chairs
- The Love Boat: in the theme of a boat and popular with sideline girls

Imagine what you can do with this old dentist chair, in the Highway Modern Resort

Simple yet useful dentist chair in BK Love Hotel

Curtain closed means someone's working out

Overview of Love Hotels in Chiang Mai
Overview of some love hotels in and around Chiang Mai

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