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Disclaimer: This section has been written for a male audience and to serve the needs of our male readers.
It contains information that some (female readers) might find disrespectful. It is by your own choice that you have arrived here.

If you've read my article on Sideline girls, then you have started to get an idea of how the world of sideline girls works in Chiang Mai and in the rest of Thailand (especially if you're a Premium Member, then you know the ins and outs and know how to get them).

Sugar babies in Thailand
With a sufficient budget of 50k a month, you can get a very cute sugar baby


Now sideline girls are one kind of girls you can get as paid companion or for plain sex. In my perception, sideline girls are more interesting than plain prostitutes you find in the many body-to-body and soapy massage parlours or karaokes. I also prefer a sideline girl to a freelancer who advertises herself on the road. But truth be said, there is a sliding scale from the 'ideal picture' of the innocent sideline girl studying in a uni and struggling to make ends meet and the full-time prostitute who lives in an apartment just minutes away from the love hotel. Many girls who advertise themselves as sideline girls with stunning pictures of the pristine student they once were have not been able to escape from the temptation of the easy money and have become a typical worn-out full-time prostitute that you hardly recognize from the pictures that you've just been sent.

The other disadvantage of most sideline girls is that they are in for the quick and short service, many actually prefer to have many customers for 1 hour rather than being with the same guy.

So if you're looking for something more steady, more high-class, and more girlfriend feeling, you may consider supporting a sugar babe.

Sugar babe in Thailand for sale


The Thai word for sugar daddy is เสี่ยเลี้ยง (siay lieng), basically a rich guy paying for everything and the word for sugar baby is เด็กเสี่ย (dek siay) or the girl of the rich guy (alternatively ผู้มีเสี่ยเลี้ยง or the person who has a rich guy to take care of her).

Now you can easily find a sugar baby by yourself. Walk into a small bar in say Santitam area, have a couple of drinks, come back regularly to chat with the waitress and tell her you like her and want to take care of her and you got your sugar babe. She may go for it for an amount of 10-20k already. You could also try with girls in massage shops or karaokes, but generally they'd ask more. If you pay less, you're sure she'll keep working or have other sugar daddies on the side.

The more up-market segment of the sugar-daddies-sugar-babes world in Thailand starts at 50k a month and most likely you'll have to find her through a specialized agent. Typically, some entertainment agents in Thailand have a few categories of girls: PG's or Pretty Girls to work in bars and restaurants and serve drinks; PGs to come to private parties to serve drinks and accompany the guests (sometimes with the option to sleep with them); sideline girls for short term sex; and finally sugar babes who want to be supported more long term by a rich sugar daddy with the higher and more expensive being young pretty girls who don't engage in other business for 50,000 baht a month. Any amount below that, you'll get sideline girls or hookers.

Sideline agent for long term sugar daddies
Example of an agent for long term sugar babies in the range of THB 10,000-70,000 per month

As you can see from above conversation, this agent covers the range from THB 3,000 for a short term sideline girl to THB 70,000 for long term sugar-daddy-sugar-babe relationships at THB 10,000 - THB 70,000+ per month. Some of these girls are real students and if you pay the big bucks you can rest assured they won't look for other sex work because they are lazy to work and what they really want is to have one guy look after all their needs so they can focus on going to coffee shops.

Sugar babe in Thailand for sale


Well, the agent will send you some pictures of the girls he/she has available. Some agents have a subscription model where you pay an amount per year or per few months and you can see which girls are available, others ask for a one time joining fee of 500 baht or more. You choose the girl(s) you like and ask for a little more info. When you're ready, the agent will make an appointment with the girl and you in a more luxury and trendy coffeeshop (not your average Starbucks). The agent will explain you the procedure and then you can chat a bit with the girl, say 20-30min.

You'll pay a meeting fee to the agent of about 1,000-2,000 baht and a meeting fee of 1,000-2,000 baht for the girl for her traveling costs and time, even if you don't like her and no deal results in the end.
Now every agent is different, so the process and the fees could differ, but in the end this is what it comes too.

The rate for pretty, young, more pristine girls will be about THB 50,000 per month and you're supposed to support her for long term. Not try one month and then give up the next and switch to another girl. Long term would mean at least 6 months to a year. For a budget of THB 20-50k, I think some Thai customers are less loyal and change the girl after a few months, but for a higher budget from 50k they may keep supporting the girls for a longer period.

If you like the girl, you pay a 'deal fee' of say THB 6,000 or so to the agent and you start paying her and she'll visit you in your room, have dinner with you or occasionally have a trip with you, it all depends on her time and what you agree on.

In Bangkok and other Asian cities, really rich guys usually can get the sub-top of celebrities for short or longer term, the stars that are about to break through but are not that famous yet. This is a common Asian formula.


No matter how much you pay her or how good she is in bed, this type of girl is in it in the first place for one thing: for money. She has embarked on the offer of the agent because her parents or family are poor or in need, because she doesn't want to work hard or doesn't know another way to make big money and she wants to live the luxury life style. So she sells what value she has most - her youth and her beauty - to the highest bidder (for most, it is the only value they have, because they have no skills or education). She won't love him but she will love the money he gives her so that she can buy her clothes, her bags, make her trips and take care of her family. She will not love you but she will love putting her selfies of her and your expensive presents on Instagram.

She will expect you to stick with her no matter what, even if she cuts the time, comes up with excuses, and doesn't come to see you as often as she promised. No matter what, you got to keep showering her with money and presents, and then perhaps eventually she'll start to value you. Even so, I give you 10% chance that she will love you. Many girls in this industry just want to use their sugar daddy for a few years until they move on to a next stage. That stage may not involve you, it could involve the motorcycle repair guy that she really loves..
The thing is, if you take a sugar baby you start off the wrong foot for love: the first motivation is money, not her feeling, so to develop that into love is rather unlikely. And it's always harder to create girlfriend material out of a working girl, which in the end, she is.

Sugar babies in Thailand for sale
She'll love you only because you give her a designer bag

Worse than that, she'll expect more money but give you less, by cutting the time she's supposed to spend with you. If you agreed on once or twice a week, she'll come up with excuses and show up just a few times per month.


Well, this is a high-end game, not for the feable-hearted. You got to be willing to spend A LOT to play with these girls. I get a lot of requests for sideline girls by guys who think they can hire them for a few thousand baht for a few days, even sideline girls won't bother leaving their room for that. This game is only for those who don't mind to throw 50k-100k a month long term and still not get everything they want from the girl. The monthly allowance of 50k is only the start, she'll ask you more extras, like why don't you buy me a designer bag, why don't you treat me this or that, and suddenly some of her family members are ill so if you love her you'll send her some money, right?! So think twice before you engage in this kind of business.

The other thing is of course that it won't be much fun if you don't speak enough Thai. You'll be struggling with the agent and with the girl.

The agent will promise you that he/she will arrange if there are any issues, but his/her determination and power to do so are limited so when the girl is letting you down, in the end the agent won't follow up the way you would hope.

If this game is not for you, consider other options available in Chiang Mai or find a girlfriend.

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