Love in the Time of Corona

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Disclaimer: This section has been written for a male audience and to serve the needs of our male readers.
It contains information that some (female readers) might find disrespectful. It is by your own choice that you have arrived here.

In 1985, Nobel prize winner Gabriel García Márquez published his famous novel Love in the Time of Cholera, a passionate story of two lovers in Latin America. Cholera has long been overcome, it only remains a problem in some developing countries, but now of course we live in the Time of Corona. What both times have in common is that love and sex go on, so here are my thoughts on how to keep your love and sex life safe, if you don't have a fixed partner, and where all this will go.

Sex and love in times of Corona
How to deal with covid-19 in your sex life

1. Dating

You will probably notice that you get less response on dating apps than before. This is because some Thai girls will be afraid to catch the virus from foreigners. Although the virus originated in Asia, there is a widespread perception amongst Thai that farang stupidity and recklessness helped to spread it across the world, and I can't say they are wrong. So expect to be treated with some more distrust than before and don't show recklessness by walking around in public places without much space without a face mask. The vast majority of Thai usually have something in front of their mouth, albeit of varying quality.

Thai style face masks are of varying quality
Something in front of your mouth is better than nothing, is the Thai perception

So if you're chatting with the girls online, most likely it'll take you even longer to get to meet them in real life. At the same time, while international flight haven't resumed yet, there will be much less competition from other foreigners so if you know how to play your game, the odds could well turn favourably for you.

To enhance your chances, show them that you're a responsible farang: one with a face mask. Mention in your conversation that you are worried to show that you are a responsible person, not an ignorant full moon party-goer who doesn't realize the seriousness of the disease.

When you eventually meet, of course observe proper social distance, wash your hands and so on. Only when you get to a later stage and got to know her better, you may assume you're both clear.

Serial dating with kissing, regular one-night-stands and all the other 'normal' stuff is a somewhat risky business right now if you ask me, until the world has found a vaccin or when numbers of infected patients are extremely low, but hey it's your call.

2. Massage

With low (official) infection numbers, the risk to take a massage isn't that high, but things could flare up easily when the borders open. With a happy ending massage, you're of course somewhat more exposed than with a foot massage.

By definition, any massage defies the 6 feet (or 1.5m) social distancing rule, it usually happens in a confined space and if we go for the hanky panky part there is some intimacy involved.

Thousands, if not ten thousands of massage parlours in Thailand will have to reinvent themselves to cope with the new situation and make customers feel safe, until numbers of infection have dropped so low that the mass feels comfortable enough or until there is a vaccin. Perhaps at some point the Thai government will add new rules to add to the "Thai massage standards", but it traditionally acts slow, so it's better to take your own precautions if you can't resist the urge for a good rub:

  • select those businesses which clearly demonstrate a clear awareness of the covid-19 issue and have hygiene and take good measures
  • choose only properly ventilated private rooms ("VIP rooms"), not curtain rooms with a fan
  • ask to see that she washes her hands for 20 seconds before the treatment
  • at all times, wear your own face mask
  • consider to ask the masseuse to wear hers, perhaps only let her take if off when she's doing her special part
  • shower with soap after the massage

If you decide to skip the massage parlours with curtains for now, unless they are empty, you can already forget about 75% of the shops in town, and if you ask a few questions or walk into a shop you'll get a fair grasp of whether they're on it or not.
An good example of pro-active hygienic measures giving confidence is here.

Finally, if you feel safer in your own home than in a shop, just book outcall massages. Examples of parlours offering outcall during this period are Daisuki, Okane, Ruean Chotika and Baifern.

China Chic Love Hotel Chiang Mai closed due to covid-19
China Chic Love Hotel Chiang Mai closed due to covid-19

The Time Movement love hotel Chiang Mai lowered its price
While the Time Movement love hotel Chiang Mai lowered its price

3. Sex

Soapy massage parlours still closed, but some of the body to body massage parlours and some smaller brothels are open and they all offer full service options.

Besides that, sideline girls have never stopped working and with the economy in shatters, the numbers of girls sidelining will only increase. Of course, the proof is in the pudding, so I passed some popular love hotels and found a decent level of activity. Some love hotels are closed entirely, but others are still open for business and definitely you can book your sideline girl there.

The numbers of sideline girls is expected to go up in Thailand
With Thai universities even publicly asking for support money for students,
many girls aren't going to wait for that and will find sideline income themselves

How to have sex with a sideline girl as safe as possible in the time of Corona?

  • Select a love hotel that has bigger rooms with good aircon. The popular Love Boat is not your best choice, The Time Movement or Bises for example have larger rooms.
  • Ask the girl if she's willing to put on a mask to test her awareness of proper hygiene.
  • When in the room, shower before the girl.
  • Watch her washing her hands properly for 20 seconds.
  • Position yourself on the bed such that the aircon blows on you first, then on the girl. This will ensure that you get the freshest air.
  • Your preferred position is doggy, not missionary.
  • Make maximum use of the mirrors so that you can still see her face and breasts in various positions.
  • Keep your mask on and consider to let her keep it on too.

Things you better not do with a working girl for the moment: BBJ (Bare Blow Job), kissing, licking and so on.

You could use some devices to reduce the risk, like a non-contact thermometer to measure her temperature or a lick protection device, but it would make the experience so awkward for her and you that I'd rather stay home.

Better visually check if she's fit-to-fuck.

Covid 19 restrictions on sex life

4. Lock yourself down in good company

I don't expect a major lockdown for Thailand anymore as we had in March-May 2020, but who knows if a second wave occurs. There's a wisdom: if you can't fight it, surrender completely to it. If you have to lockdown yourself, you better do it in good company, so ask this or that girl that you met a while ago to join you for a stay in a cottage in the mountains or a hut on the beach. If she had a bit of feelings for you she'll find it very romantic and she'll go for it.
At least you'll reduce your risk of meeting many people, you'll just confine yourself to one so either she has it or not. Whatever the outcome, you'll have to stay in together for 14 days, so there's not much else to do than trying to make the best of it.

Change lockdown to lickdown
Change your lockdown into a lickdown in good company

5. Pleasure yourself

If all of this can't convince you to go out and expose yourself, pleasure yourself at home.
A good website with a vast amount of free porn that isn't blocked in Thailand is Besides that, there are some paid membership apps for your smartphone that allow you to talk with some girls privately and ask them to strip and do things to please you.

Stay safe but don't forget to have fun and stay mentally sane,


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