Go go bars, girlie bars and coyotes in Chiang Mai

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Disclaimer: This section has been written for a male audience and to serve the needs of our male readers.
It contains information that some (female readers) might find disrespectful. It is by your own choice that you have arrived here.

Girls in uniform dancing a sexy coyote in the Three Zone Bar


Go go bars and girlie bars

The Go go bar (or a go go bar) and girlie bar scene in Chiang Mai is more or less centered around Loikroh road. In most go go bars, there is some kind of a sexy show, usually table dancing or something alike. The other girlie bars don't offer shows, but they have hostesses that can entertain you with a chat or whom you can play pool with. In all these bars, the girls are for take-away.
Normal prices are: a bar fine (500 baht) and a fee for the girl (about 2,000 baht). The bar fine is supposedly to compensate the bar for letting go of staff before closing time, because the girls are supposed to attract / entertain customers.
Most bars in and around Loikroh and around the Loikroh boxing stadium are girlie bars with very well English speaking girls on offer.

The go go bars are:

Foxy Lady

Named after Jimi Hendrix' song, Foxy Lady is the obvious choice for newcomers who want it easy. Foxy Lady has a table for her ladies to dance on. They dance rather lazy here. You only need to buy a drink to enjoy the views. Ask a lady to sit next to you, just pay for her drink. Reasonable prices for the experience, standard prices when you take a girl home.


Right on the moat, Spotlight is another table dancing place. A little more loose atmosphere compared to Foxy, perhaps due to the mama sans. Standard prices.


StarXix or Star Six probably means 'star sick' but who cares, it's probably the most prominent sexy show Chiang Mai has to offer. All kinds of seducive acts, some involvement from the public and some fire spitting from a vagina. Still, nothing compared to what you can get in Bangkok but okay for our provincial town. In Chiang Mai, only the gay shows are more professional.
StarXis has been around for a long time, upstairs from the road, poorly ventilated inside.


There are too many girlie bars to mention here, anyway, there isn't really much difference, the concept is usually the same. It just depends where you feel more comfortable with the girls, and perhaps if they have a pool table or not.

All of these bars are the obvious choice for the newcomer or if you want to get some girlie attention in an easy way: very farang-oriented, all bar girls speak very fluent English because they talk to foreigners all the time and they are used to farang needs (and sizes).
If you're more into 'local' girls and you can speak a decent word of Thai, the Thai places could be more interesting.


While the go go bars and girlie bars are more focussed on farang tourists and centered around Loikroh road, the coyote bars are more focussed on Thai and are dispersed all over town. Typically, these places offer food and drink, some music and beer girls or whiskey girls to keep you company.
The coyotes offer a show, which is kind sexy dancing but somewhat different from what you see in Foxy Lady and Spotlight. A lot of karaoke's offer coyote shows too, in their communal rooms. Not expensive to watch, just buy a drink.
Not all coyotes offer girls for take-away, the karaoke's usually do, but in other places it simply depends on the girl if she's interested in something extra. More hunt before the feast, more fun to some.

Some of the better coyotes are:

Bangsaen Coyote & Club

Looks a bit classy and can be rather expensive. Quite a large number of girls on duty and extra's possible.

Milk Club

A happening bar with sometimes more cute waitresses than customers.

Milk Club Chiang Mai
Milk Club does not have a lack of sexy waitresses



Some hot shows on tables and rather local.

Orchid 2 Coyote

An extension from the original Orchid karaoke (which offers nothing but old ugly girls), Orchid 2 has the same concept but a better team of girls.

Beer Garden area in Loikroh with the Muay Thai boxing stadium is a standard place to have a drink and buy a girl


Overview Male Entertainment places in Chiang Mai


Sexy coyote dancing is popular in Chiang Mai in bars, special places and during car and motorbike shows

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