Happy Ending massages in Chiang Mai

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Disclaimer: This section has been written for a male audience and to serve the needs of our male readers.
It contains information that some (female readers) might find disrespectful. It is by your own choice that you have arrived here.

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Mongers in search of a quick relief shouldn't have a difficult time to find a massage in Chiang Mai with a Happy Ending. Happy Ending massages in Chiang Mai are widespread, in fact it would be hard to avoid them as a single male client in touristy areas. Many massage practitioners offer a 'special' somewhere down the road, or else you can ask. So, it's not difficult to get a handjob in Chiang Mai.

The challenge for real sensual massage lovers is to get a massage that combines good general massage skills with sensuality and good looks. As a general rule, the prettier the girl, the lazier and less skillfull, even in her handshake, so if you don't care about looks, you might get the best massage plus Happy Ending from an older woman who looks like the cleaner in the kitchen, but she will know her ways.

So, which type of massage satisfies your appetite depends on which of the three you value most: looks - regular massage skills - sensuality.

I. Regular massage + Happy End

If you want to have a proper massage in the first place, but to be sent home with a smile, you can try any of the massage shops all around town. It simply depends on the massage practioner whether or not she'll give you the final special. Even though some shops are very decent, some girls are still naughty enough to go for an extra tip.
Examples of this are Natchan Massage, The Best Massage, but there are many more.

You can find a high concentration of Happy Ending massages as you stroll along the roads in the tourist area: Loi Kroh, Kampaengdin, Sridonchai, Changklan road, areas around Taphae and some soi's in the old town.

Rough overview of where you can find the highest concentration of
happy ending massages in the centre of Chiang Mai

Again, usually the quality of the massage goes down the more emphasis there is on the naughty part. In the worst cases, the girl is only interested in giving you a special and wants to quit the massage halfway after that's done, or tries to charge an exorbidant amount for something which in fact is very easy, doesn't tire her out, and doesn't ruin her nails.

Some parlours with a very high chance of getting a special are: M&M Massage, Dao Massage, Lucky Massage, Ying Yang 1 and 2 and 3, Sang Samrit, Relax House, etc.
If you're lazy to go out, try an outcall service where the massage girl comes to your hotel, such as Jenie's Home Job and Anime Kawaii Shop (outcall).

M&M Massage is just one example of a place where 'specials' are offered regularly.

While you can be almost certain of a Happy Ending in these places, the massage might not be excellent and if looks are important to you, you'll have a problem to find real pretty and young girls. Most pretty Thai girls prefer not to tired their tumbs in a painstaking Thai massage, they can find easier money working in a karaoke or in a Body-to-Body massage.

How to pick your place and your girl

If you're happy with a quick relief you can go to dozens of places all over town. In the main tourist areas and near big hotels, massage girls are used to customers' special needs. There are too many places to list here, the best is to just walk by and see which girl you like. Mind you, some girls don't give special, which might frustrate you in the end if you hoped for it. Over time, you'll develop a sense of which girl is naughty enough when you pass by a shop.

Some shops explicity do not provide any extra's. Examples are: Wild Orchid, Thida Massage etc.

In most regular massage places, there is a queuing system, meaning the girls take customers in turn. So if you walked by and noticed a girl you like, don't be shy to ask for her instead of letting the queu system get in your way, else someone else will put her hands on you and the chemistry is simply not the same.

For the sensual part of the massage, an oil massage is much better than a Thai massage, but beware of cheap, inferior oil that can block your pores for the rest of the day. If you're not sure, just get a small bottle of baby oil at a pharmacy.

A 'special' offered in a regular massage parlour in Chiang Mai normally means only a handjob. Some girls in regular massage shops offer more than that, a blowjob or even 'full service', but this is more rare because if it becomes publicly known the shop will have a problem with the police (this is different for the erotic massage places).

Besides the small massage shops and the obvious places, there are also a few some freelancers who give outcall massage in your room, with or without full service.

Standard prices

Those girls who like to give you special are usually happy to give you a handjob at about THB 500. Some girls dare to ask far more than that, even THB 1,000 or THB 2,000 (!), but that's a total scam and if you take it you're an idiot or a complete newbee. Girls quoting such exorbitant prices are often just trying, in the end they'll settle for the standard price of THB 500.
The best way to deal with the issue of the price of a HJ is by rounding the total bill. If the massage itself is say 200 baht you can try to round things off at a total of 500 or 600 baht. The lowest some girls will go is about 300 baht.

Negotiating about the price of a HJ is, of course, not desirable at all and very detrimental to a build-up of your sensual experience. Therefore, in my opinion, the best girls don't ask or negotiate about the price for the extra job but instead trust that you will give them a decent tip.

Shortcomings of Happy Ending Massages in Thailand

You might be surprised, but although some girls do nothing else day in and day out, most of them still don't know how to combine good massage skills with sensuality: teasing, pleasing or raising sexual tension. Instead, most girls simply routinely do the regular part and somewhere along the way, often just 15 minutes before the end, they'll probe your interest for a special. No build up, just a very quick relief at the end. Good enough for the simple-minded, but utterly unsatisfying for real massage lovers craving for more.

Another problem is if you indicate that you are not interested in a Happy Ending, or if the handjob is done, some girls are not so interested in providing a genuine massage anymore, and time is suddenly up.

What most Thai massage girls don't get is that a Happy Ending massage shouldn't be happy only at the end, but all throughout the massage. In other words, a continuous blend of good massage skills with a build-up of sensuality.

In some erotic massage parlours, owners do understand the need to combine sensuality with a happy ending (Thai: 'build'), and train the girls on that. Find out where.

Happy ending massages in Thailand and how to give space to your erection
Erections can naturally happen during massages, the question is how to give space to it

II. Happy Ending Massage by young and cute / pretty girl

If the sensual part is more important to you than getting a real thorough massage, you have to to other places.

Some shops that specialise on providing young cute girls offering a handjob for sure, but that usually don't offer full sexual services or body-to-body massage are listed here as a Teen Massage.

Go here, if you want to be sure of a handjob by a fairly cute girl of your choice. In general, don't expect a technically thorough massage, although the girls in Daisuki are fairly well trained.

Standard prices

About THB 300-500 for the standard massage and about THB 500 for the extra handjob.
Girls in OT Massage are often reported to offer more than a handjob, the place is rather basic though and the girls are certainly not always young.

Want something different? Try Jenie's Home Job.

III. Body-to-Body Massage (B2B)

Then, in a completely different league there are the Thai-style EROTIC MASSAGE PARLOURS specialised in body-to-body massages. Here the emphasis is completely on sexual extasy, don't expect a thorough Swedish muscle massage, all attention is for that one lone muscle.

The erotic massage places in town compete for pretty, young girls, there is simply no comparison with anything in Loikroh.

The standard massage treatment is a naked massage with breasts, body and hands, ending in a handjob or sometimes a blowjob. Some girls in Erotic Massage Parlours are in for more, which makes these places a good alternative to the handful of sometimes worn-out and mechanical Soapy Massage Parlours in town. Unofficially the erotic massage parlours are therefore a great sourcing pool for Thai men looking for some fresh girls.

Example of this are: Absolute Paradise, Raspberry Spa, Little Mermaid and several others.

Another service you can try is the KARSAI GENITAL MASSAGE.

Chiang Mai's erotic spas go one step further: Dolphin Spa Super Hot Massage Chiang Mai


Standard prices

You can get a proper body-to-body massage from THB 1000+ up, which makes it just a bit more expensive than a regular massage plus the handjob. Typically, most erotic massage parlours charge about THB 1,300 for their standard body-to-body massage, but some start from THB 1,600 or THB 1,800 depending on how pretty the girl is.

The advantage of a body-to-body massage compared to going an average regular massage plus handjob in Loikroh is that you can get to choose REALLY pretty girls, and that they will be completely naked. Of course, you won't get a regular massage, but then you didn't come for that.

Prices for a body-to-body massage easily can go up to more than THB 2,000 without sex, so some question whether this is worth the price. Well, it's entirely up to your taste, but this is the price Thai men are willing to pay for really pretty girls and it can get much wilder.
The truth is, there is simply no comparison to having a model-type Thai girl who doesn't speak English and does the B2B for her study or having a regular massage by an average-looking Isaan girl in Loikroh who knows just too much about farang and speaks perfect English, they're in a different league.

When it comes to picking the best erotic massage parlour, there are huge differences in the service level, attitude and skills of the girls. Become an Insider to find the best ones.

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Luci Lu Posted on September 21, 2018 at 14:28:05
This blog is great! It is packed full of useful information. I did publish an article on why going for an happy ending massage should never be looked down upon.
Steve CM Posted on July 14, 2018 at 12:58:04
All those spots around Loh Kroh have turned into cheap rub n tug joints, last time I was there at one of my faves, the gal who rubbed me, a decent massage too, then we would have a nice bonk for 800, jacked up her prices badly. She asked me for two grand, even after I’d known her around a year, and we’ll enough to teach her 4 year old daughter some English.. She said the rents had gone up everywhere and the police come to check a lot and get tea money from her. She had no choice, and now she’s gone, went down to Samui with her kid...
Since then, I go through Thaifriendly for girls and ladyboys, easier to deal with and more relaxed, and many will come to you or a close by short time room. Many are university students who make extra on the side, all young, very cute and not expensive.. Same with ladyboys, though some are pros. Many give a good massage, they have the strength plus a nice cock to massage your bum hole if you’re into that ( I love it )..
Bottom line, geez a pun, is try that website, forget about the shop front rip offs
SATISH DESAI Posted on December 23, 2017 at 11:57:20
From 2nd February to 9th February I will be comming to Thailand
Falcon Posted on December 16, 2017 at 13:34:01
I tried my luck on the thapae toad lane 1 under the loikroh road. Unfortunately i don't remember the name of the massage shop but it was close to the natchan massage (in the south) what i found on google maps. I talked to the girl who sits infront of the massage shop. She wore shorts and below them some nylon stockings, so she looked for me as a kind of some hooker. I first asked her directly if its possible to get some special massage from her. She said yes and i thought perfect i'm in. The next question of me was if she also gives me a blowjob. She also was accepted. She took me in a room besides the normal massage shop and closed the door. She asked what would pay for her and i said 1000 baht..in this moment i was already on the next step in my mind. I would like to fuck her. I first let her start to massage my legs a little bit and during that i talked to her. She was maybe about 38 and looked not very beautiful but still hot. Before she could start with anything i asked her if i could take her csurpricf. First she was a bit shy because she dont like her body and so on. I said her that she looks hot and something like that and then i started to take her clothes off. She had normal tits, not too small not too big. But i realized that she had a nice butt. Thats the most thing what make me hot on women. At first we started to kiss each other really nice deeply. It was really hot. Then i had pleasure to lick her pussy so i lay her down. Her pussy was hairy but it doesen`t matter to me. I licked her and fingered her and she had a nice orgasm. During i licked her pussy i also tasted her asshole. Call it pervert but i like to rim a female asshole. And the best for me was she really liked it. After i finished my pussy eating she started to suck my dick. What should i say it was brilliant and she also sucked on my balls and licked my asshole. After some minutes i started to fuck her in doggy and i was nearly to cum in her. But to spend some more time i took my dick out of her and started to lick her nice asshole again. Because she really was turned on i started to finger her. At first she had some pain but because i was really careful i gaped her asshole more and more. The finish was that i fucked her anal and cum all deep in her asshole. After that she told me it was her first anal. It was some of best fuck in my life. Maybe because it was so unexpected. Hope some of you also are so lucky!!
Mar Posted on June 25, 2017 at 05:48:09
Hey! Ive been trying to find a place for Happy endings / pussy massage for women, any tips? I'm having really hard time finding anything!
MICK Posted on November 01, 2016 at 11:02:14
Agree with James - girls in the Loi Kroh Road lead you to a place where you have to hire a room. Once you have paid they get undressed and lie next to you for 5 minutes then take a call which is meant to be from a sick or lost friend asking them to pick them up. Always tip AFTER, never pay for anything before.
JOE SMITH Posted on May 29, 2016 at 12:17:22
I meant to say HJ not BJ
JOE SMITH Posted on May 29, 2016 at 12:16:07
i AGREE with James. I thought it was just me when some girl in a Loi Kroh massage parlour wanted 1000 bath for BJ. Maybe she thought I was a chump.So I feel better know knowing they think every guy is a chump. Thanks James!
James Graneria Posted on December 17, 2015 at 19:42:41
It all changed over the last couple of years. The girls have got greedy and even in the standard spit and sawdust massage parlours some women are asking for 1000 baht just for a no thrills HJ. The places to avoid are in the Loi Kroh Road, total ripoffs. none of the girls know how to do a proper massage, it`s all fast and furious and boring after a while, just not value for money unless the guys are desperate.